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Since 1982, over 30,000 students across America have participated in the Broyhill Leadership Conferences. This summer, the opportunity to attend BLC is available to you! Join us for what will be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have!


Any rising high school sophomore through senior may attend BLC. Most delegates are from North and South Carolina. Many are part of a club or organization at their school, although this is not a requirement.


BLC 2015: June 21 - 25, 2015
Registration: June 21, 12:30 - 2:30
Dismissal: noon on June 25
Fee includes: curriculum, lodging, and meals.


BLC will be held on the campus of Wingate University in Wingate, NC. Directions for the camp can be found here.


If you are interested in attending BLC, see the application link.

Broyhill Leadership Conference Since 1982

The Broyhill Leadership Conference is a unique, life-changing experience for delegates who attend each year. During the five-day, four-night conference, high school students (rising 10-12 graders) are challenged to learn, develop, and practice leadership skills that they will take with them and use for the rest of their lives. While the content of what we teach at BLC is serious and challenging, the way in which the various concepts are taught appeals to young people and puts it all on a level they can grasp, personalize, and use to succeed!

This is the “original” conference, the genesis of all the programs featured on this website. It is a compilation of progressive ideas and past experiences of founder Michael Broome. He was the epitome of a student leader in middle school, high school, and college where he served as Student Body President of each school.


BLC will be held on the campus of Wingate University in Wingate, NC from June 21-25, 2015. The fee to attend includes the curriculum you will use throughout the week and take home with you. It includes supplies for all the activities you will do during the week. It also includes your 4 nights lodging and 11 meals (dinner on the first day through breakfast on the last day). BLC is an incredible value that you’ll not find anywhere else! (See deadline and fee).

The generosity of the Broyhill Family Foundation is responsible for helping to minimize the cost to attend BLC.* The Broyhills’ contribution to Tomorrow’s America Foundation each year allows us to offer BLC to any student who is interested in setting goals, becoming a team player, maintaining a positive mental attitude, communicating more effectively, cultivating positive relationships, and making sound moral choices. You will not find a leadership conference anywhere that offers so many years of experience, has a curriculum and activities designed specifically for young people, and is still so affordable.

We guarantee that you will love the time you spend at BLC, and we look forward to meeting you there!

*An internet search of conferences and camps for youth will reveal the high cost that most organizations charge.