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Since 1982, over 30,000 students across America have participated in the Broyhill Leadership Conferences. This summer, the opportunity to attend BLC is available to you! Join us for what will be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have!

Did you know?

BLC is the most unique, enjoyable leadership conference you can attend this summer!

What People Are Saying

From Parents:

“Words cannot express how thankful I am as a parent for preparing my son with leadership skills that he will use the rest of his life. When I dropped off my son the first summer he attended Broyhill Leadership Conference he said, 'Momma, don’t leave. I do not know how to use this key.' When I returned at the end of the conference, not only could he use the key, but he had all the confidence to conquer anything set before him.”

-Parent of Senior Beta Club President

“I would like to thank you for providing this Leadership program to my daughter. She had brain surgery two years ago and it placed a huge financial strain on us. She is a straight A student with all the extras that go along with it. She has so many opportunities presented to her but because of our financial struggles, she’s unable to participate. Thanks to the generosity of the Broyhill family, she has not only found a Leadership camp she can attend but has developed an extended family as well.”

-Parent of a Broyhill Leadership Conference Delegate

From BLC Delegates:

“I had the privilege of attending Broyhill Leadership Conference, and I would like you to know what a difference it has made in every aspect of my life. I learned how to talk to people, how to be comfortable and confident with myself, as well as how to be more cooperative while still standing up for what I think is right. I determined to stop making excuses for any downfalls I might have, and to overcome them. This year I am serving as Student council President of my high school and Editor-in-Chief of our newspaper. Because of BLC, I now feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience, coordinating large activities, and continuing to stay positive despite adversity. I appreciate all of your dedication in building a better tomorrow for our nation and our world.”

“BLC is so unique in its approach to developing character. Any insecurities are immediately thrown out the door, forcing campers to be outgoing. The week was full of events including a talent show, guest speakers, and a field-day type event called the “Great Experience.” One of my favorite parts of camp was the time I spent with my council, a group of about 15 campers, who never ceased to amaze me with their intelligence and creativity. Saying good-bye the last day is always a sob fest and even grown men break down and shed a few tears because the bonds made during the time are so strong. Every year I continue to learn more about how to step out of my comfort zone, be myself and work well with others. I would encourage any student who can give up a week in the summer to try Broyhill out because I guarantee you will make friends and have fun.”

-Excerpt from newspaper article written by a BLC delegate

From DSS and Children’s home staff:

“All of the youth that have attended CBDR have asked to attend in the future. All have spoken of the skill and knowledge gained while attending CBYDR. Most importantly, all youth have spoken to me about the respect they were treated with and the self-esteem gained through this experience. They have made many new friends as well.

My personal interactions with staff at CBYDR have been wonderful. I was always treated respectfully and any questions were answered promptly. Staff members treated the youth with a firm yet loving and caring demeanor. That quality is of extreme importance for youth in foster care.

The positive results yielded to youth from this agency have been outstanding and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you.”

-Social Worker, Rutherford County Department of Social Services

“For the past several years, we have sent many of our teens to this conference and have been amazed at the difference in our youth when they return. Exposure to such a program just reinforces the importance of their learning the skills necessary to live self-sufficiently. There are no other programs in this area as such, that provide our youth with this type of experience.”

-Program Director, Nazareth Children’s Home

From CBYDR Delegates:

“My favorite part of CBYDR was the Great Experience. I learned that you shouldn’t give up and to keep trying.”

“The few days that I got spend at CBYDR were the best days of my summer yet. It was a great experience. The information that I learned was very interesting and enjoyable. I learned how to control my anger, about trust and truth, how to focus and be motivated and good character. I also was taught about procrastination and applying teamwork. CBYDR helped me to become more mature, learn more about others, and work together."

“I really enjoyed the great experience and it changed me in a way because if I hadn’t come to this camp I would have kept thinking that I was the only one that felt the way I did.”