Teaching. Leading. Inspiring.

Since 1982, over 30,000 students across America have participated in the Broyhill Leadership Conferences. This summer, the opportunity to attend BLC is available to you! Join us for what will be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have!

2015 Conference Dates

BLC – June 21 to 25

CBYDR – June 15 to 18

BETA BLC – July 17 to 21

YYLC – By invitation only.

A Day in the Life

This schedule is not set-in-stone, but a sample of what goes on during a typical day at BLC.
7:00 wake-up call!
7:30-8:30 breakfast in cafeteria – see all the friends you made yesterday!
8:45-9:30 general assembly – time to get moving for the day
9:40-11:00 council meeting – read and discuss the handbook; do team building activities
11:15-12:00 dvd – you may laugh or you may cry, but you will never forget the message
12:00-1:00 lunch – re-fuel for the afternoon
1:00-2:00 group instruction – new topics to discuss and practice each day
2:00-2:20 break – hang out with friends, grab a quick snack
2:20-3:00 council meeting – do some mountain climbing – a goal setting activity
3:10-4:00 special presentation by speaker – get ready to laugh and learn
4:15-5:00 free time – audition for talent show, talk with friends, play some football …
5:00-6:00 dinner – more time to get to know new friends or reconnect with old ones
6:00-8:00 talent show – show off your skills
8:00-10:00 mixers – get to know all the BLC delegates and staff
10:00-10:30 closing – wind down the day with a thought-provoking story by a staff member
10:30-11:00 dorm time – say goodnight and get ready for bed
11:00 lights out – rest up for another big day tomorrow!

All meetings and presentations are guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and think!