A Day at BLC

The time students spend at BLC is full, from morning to night.  We pack as much as possible into a few short days.  This minimizes the cost but maximizes the outcome.  If you aren't sure what to expect or if you're wondering whether BLC is worth the time and money, please keep reading!

A day at BLC starts with a 7 a.m. wake-up call.  Breakfast is served in the campus cafeteria.  A couple of choices are offered at every meal so all delegates, no matter their food preference or dietary requirement, can find something to enjoy.

Right after breakfast, our staff get the day off to an energetic start in General Assembly!  With upbeat music, thought-provoking videos, and reading selections from the student handbook, everyone gets ready for a day of learning.  Delegates are given the opportunity to share what they are learning, if they would like, as well.

Council Meetings begin next.  Each delegate is assigned a council and staff leader for the week.  During these meetings, they work on a specific skill in communication, relationship building, or leadership.  Reading, discussion, and activities build these skills in a meaningful, memorable way.

Later in the morning, delegates participate in a unique Group Activity designed to develop important relationship skills.  This activity time is highly interactive and engaging.

By noon, we head back to the cafeteria to have lunch together and enjoy a little free time to connect with friends!

After lunch, Staff lead their councils in communication and relationship-building activities designed to help build those essential skills.  The activities are also perfect for getting over an after-lunch slump!

Additionally during this council meeting, delegates learn and practice our time-tested and proven method for goal setting.  We believe that goal setting is vital to success; several sessions are devoted to developing the skill throughout the week.  Students are guided through the process with specialized worksheets and one-on-one mentoring from staff to help them fully master the process.

In the late afternoon, students enjoy hearing from one of our motivational speakers.  They are experienced in speaking to student groups, and each one is engaging and humorous in their own way.  Most importantly, each one has an important message to share!

Dinner is followed by a special activity.  One day, councils spend time getting to know each member of their group.  Other days, we hold group activities like a Talent Show or Banquet.

A day at BLC wraps up with a special message from one of our staff members to help delegates make the most of the information they are learning.  This is followed by some free time (snacks are available for purchase), and then it is lights out to rest up for another day.

This isn't our exact schedule, and every day at BLC is a little different - there are different activities, different speakers, different opportunities.  But, every day at BLC is full and we don't waste time!

Ready to get the full experience?