Carolinas Broyhill Youth Development Retreat

Since 1988


Photos on this page are not actual CBYDR delegates to protect privacy.


June 28-July 1, 2024

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The CBYDR Experience

CBYDR Testimonials

“All of the youth that have attended CBYDR have asked to attend in the future. All have spoken of the skill and knowledge gained while attending CBYDR. Most importantly, all youth have spoken to me about the respect they were treated with and the self-esteem gained through this experience. They have made many new friends as well.

Staff members treated the youth with a firm yet loving and caring demeanor. That quality is of extreme importance for youth in foster care. Thank you.”

- Social Worker, Rutherford County Department of Social Services

“The few days that I got spend at CBYDR were the best days of my summer yet. It was a great experience. The information that I learned was very interesting and enjoyable. I learned how to control my anger, about trust and truth, how to focus and be motivated and good character. I also was taught about procrastination and teamwork. CBYDR helped me to become more mature, learn more about others, and work together."

- CBDYR Delegate

“For the past several years, we have sent many of our teens to this conference and have been amazed at the difference in our youth when they return. Exposure to such a program just reinforces the importance of their learning the skills necessary to live self-sufficiently. There are no other programs in the area that provide our youth with this type of experience.”

- Program Director, Nazareth Children’s Home

“I came to this camp and I was shy, and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. But I realized how nice the counselors were and I became more outgoing and stepped out my comfort zone. I really had fun during this camp.”

- 2018 CBDYR Delegate

“I usually don’t like to go to summer camps. This one I will cherish forever. I loved it so much. I want to come back. I really don’t want to leave this place. I love it. It is life-changing.”

- 2018 CBDYR Delegate

What is CBYDR

At CBYDR, there are many opportunities for delegates to meet other girls from all over North and South Carolina … girls who have had similar life experiences.  They will have the chance to hear others' stories and share their own.

Girls will be challenged to learn, develop, and practice goal setting and relationship skills that they can apply for the rest of their lives.  What we teach at CBYDR is serious and challenging.  The way we teach it appeals to teen girls and puts it on a level they can understand and use.

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Photos on this page are not actual CBYDR delegates to protect privacy.

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