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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, CBYDR 2021 has been canceled.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Who is Eligible?

The Carolinas Broyhill Youth Development Retreat (CBYDR) is a personal development retreat for GIRLS in DSS, foster care, or residential children’s homes in North or South Carolina.

Young women must be 13-19 years old, and their applying social worker must verify that they meet our other Eligibility Requirements.  Each summer, CBYDR is a life-changing experience for girls who are beginning to develop an interest in their personal development and goals for the future.

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The CBYDR Experience

Sample Daily CBYDR Schedule

CBYDR Testimonials

“All of the youth that have attended CBYDR have asked to attend in the future. All have spoken of the skill and knowledge gained while attending CBYDR. Most importantly, all youth have spoken to me about the respect they were treated with and the self-esteem gained through this experience. They have made many new friends as well.Staff members treated the youth with a firm yet loving and caring demeanor. That quality is of extreme importance for youth in foster care. Thank you.”

– Social Worker, Rutherford County Department of Social Services

“The few days that I got spend at CBYDR were the best days of my summer yet. It was a great experience. The information that I learned was very interesting and enjoyable. I learned how to control my anger, about trust and truth, how to focus and be motivated and good character. I also was taught about procrastination and teamwork. CBYDR helped me to become more mature, learn more about others, and work together.”

– CBDYR Delegate

“For the past several years, we have sent many of our teens to this conference and have been amazed at the difference in our youth when they return. Exposure to such a program just reinforces the importance of their learning the skills necessary to live self-sufficiently. There are no other programs in the area that provide our youth with this type of experience.”

– Program Director, Nazareth Children’s Home

“I came to this camp and I was shy, and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. But I realized how nice the counselors were and I became more outgoing and stepped out my comfort zone. I really had fun during this camp.”

– 2018 CBDYR Delegate

“I usually don’t like to go to summer camps. This one I will cherish forever. I loved it so much. I want to come back. I really don’t want to leave this place. I love it. It is life-changing.”

– 2018 CBDYR Delegate
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Where is the Retreat?

CBYDR is held annually on a college or university campus.  Check the Apply Now page for this year’s date and location.

What does the registration fee include?

Find the cost of this year’s conference on the Apply Now page*.  When you register a delegate for CBYDR, she will receive:

At CBYDR, there are many opportunities for delegates to meet other girls from all over North and South Carolina … girls who have had similar life experiences.  They will have the chance to hear others’ stories and share their own.

Girls will be challenged to learn, develop, and practice goal setting and relationship skills that they can apply for the rest of their lives.  What we teach at CBYDR is serious and challenging.  The way we teach it appeals to teen girls and puts it on a level they can understand and use.

*The generosity of the Broyhill Family Foundation, as well as other donors, is responsible for keeping CBYDR so affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a registered delegate cannot attend? Expand

We are happy to accomodate substitutions. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you with the substitution and make arrangements for her.

Out of courtesy, please notify us if your girls are unable to attend, so we know not to look for them during on-site registration.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 803-628-0000 as soon as you know your delegate will be unable to attend.

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation packet? Expand

You should contact Tomorrow’s America Foundation at [email protected] or 803.628.0000 to confirm your registration and arrange for a packet to be emailed to you. Everyone MUST have the confirmation packet in order to attend their chosen conference; there are several documents that must be completed and signed before students are able to complete on-site registration. Make certain that you have your required confirmation packet at least two weeks prior to the start date for the conference for which you have applied.

What kind of supervision will be provided at the conference? Expand

CBYDR is held at an accredited university with 24-hour campus security. ALL staff comply with annual background checks. We adhere to a ZERO tolerance policy for any type of bullying, abuse, or hazing.

As such, we assign each student to a staff-member led group that meets throughout the day and evening. Students are required to attend all sessions. Staff conducts room checks each night at curfew. Should student be unaccounted for at any point, Staff will alert the Director to begin process of locating student. This process includes staff physically searching for student, campus security notification, and contacting parents. Students who fail to comply with stated rules regarding attendance and curfew are subject to immediate dismissal from the conference.

We take our delegate’s safety and security seriously.  Any student with irresponsible behaviors or authority issues or who are at any flight risk should NOT attend the conference.  Any student who does not meet our Eligibility Requirements may not attend the conference.

What is your medication policy? Expand

We have updated our medication policy for 2019.  Please download and print our new policy for detailed instructions on preparing your delegate’s medication for CBYDR.

What should girls plan to wear on a daily basis at the conference? Expand

Girls should plan to wear casual clothing that meets our dress code: shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, tennis shoes, etc.

On the last night there will be a semi-formal banquet. A nice dress or skirt and top is appropriate.

There will also be a team building activity where clothes will get dirty and wet; make sure girls have an old shorts and a t-shirt.

A girl in my care has special dietary requirements. Will the cafeteria staff be able to meet her needs? Expand

Please contact our office so that we can put you in touch with the college Food Service Manager. Most meals will have gluten-free choices and vegetarian options.

What type of accommodations are provided? Expand

CBYDR delegates stay in dorm rooms provided by the host college. Typically, your student will have a roommate that is the same age (roommate requests are not accepted). The room has twin beds and a chest of drawers. Some dorm rooms are adjoining another room by a bathroom/shower; other dorm rooms will be on a hall with a common bathroom.

Note: Students must bring linens, pillow, towels, etc. – these are not provided.

Is the talent show mandatory? Expand

The talent show is not mandatory; however, if you’d like to perform, come prepared with music (iTunes), instruments and/or costumes.

Who is responsible for transporting students to the conference? Expand

It is the agency’s responsibility to arrange transportation for their girls.

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