Apply Now: CBYDR


CBYDR Deadline & Details

  • Dates: 2021 Conference Canceled
  • Location: 2021 Location TBD
  • Arrival Time: 12:30-2:30
  • Departure Time: Noon
  • Cost: $200 Fee includes lodging, meals, handbook, and all activity supplies.
  • Refund Policy: See our FAQ section
  • Deadline:

How to apply for CBYDR

A social worker must complete the registration for CBYDR delegates.

  1. Social Workers: Use the button below to begin your application.
  2. Verify the eligibility of each girl you decide to register for CBYDR.
  3. Complete each delegate's personal information file.

Submit required documents

  1. Download each form and save it to your computer.  Complete a form for each delegate you enroll in CBYDR.
  2. Print the forms and collect all the required signatures.
  3. Scan the forms and upload them directly to your application.

NOTE:  You do not have to upload the forms in order to complete a registration. Log back in any time to upload, or mail the forms to us:  Tomorrow's America Foundation, P.O. Box 65, York, SC 29745

Required Documents:

  • Insurance Release Form (Contains release to medically treat student in event of emergency)
  • Queens University Release (Required by Queens University, the location for CBYDR)
  • Copy of delegate's Medicaid card or Letter of Coverage
  • Rules & Regulations (Signed by participant; submit during on-site registration. This form will not be uploaded to the online registration form.)

Pay for CBYDR

There are several options to pay the registration fee for your delegates:
  • Pay online with a credit card or e-check. Pay when you complete your applications or log back in any time.
  • Request an invoice by emailing us at [email protected]

Thank you for submitting the invoice for CBYDR to your accounts payable department as soon as you receive it!

After your application is submitted ...

  1. Watch for our emails.  You'll receive an automatic email that lets you know your submission was successful.  When your application is accepted, we'll send a confirmation email with more information about what to pack for the conference, when to arrive, and where to go on campus.
  2. Prepare the girls you register. Pass along the conference information to them and answer their questions about CBYDR. Prepare their medications according to our new guidelines before arriving at the conference to move quickly through onsite registration.