Staff Information

Staff Reporting Dates for 2024


Staff Report: Monday, June 17
Check in: Tuesday, June 18
Check out: Saturday, June 22
Gardner-Webb University


Staff Report: Thursday, June 27
Check in: Friday, June 28
Check out: Monday, July 1
Gardner-Webb University


Staff Report: Tuesday, July 9
Check in: Wednesday, July 10
Check out: Monday, July 15
Gardner-Webb University


Staff Report: Monday, July 22
Check in: Tuesday, July 23
Check out: Saturday, July 27
Gardner-Webb University

Staff Handbook

The staff handbook was not updated this year, but there is one change to the dress code for both staff and students.  It is not included in the handbook, but you will see it when you agree to the Staff Rules online.


No spandex or compression shorts.  If you wear leggings, shirt must be long enough to meet your fingertips when hands are by your sides.

The TAF Staff Handbook is an all-in-one resource that you can access here any time.  It includes:

  • the philosophy / mission of TAF
  • Staff expectations, rules, and dress code
  • safety policies and procedures
  • guidelines for incident documentation and handling student issues
  • instructions for conducting conference events
  • answers to BLC games and activities

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