Staff Information

Staff Reporting Dates and Locations for 2020


Staff Report: Monday, June 15
Check in: Tuesday, June 16
Check out: Saturday, June 20

Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


Staff Check in: Thursday, June 25
Check in: Friday, June 26
Check out: Monday, June 29

Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


Staff Report: Monday, July 6
Check in: Tuesday, July 7
Check out: Thursday, July 11

Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


Staff Report: Sunday, July 19
Check in: Monday, July 20
Check out: Saturday: July 25

Limestone College
Gaffney, SC

Staff Handbook

The TAF Staff Handbook is an all-in-one resource that you can access here any time.  It includes:

  • the philosophy / mission of TAF
  • Staff expectations, rules, and dress code
  • safety policies and procedures
  • guidelines for documentation
  • instructions for conducting conference events
  • answers to BLC games and activities

Update your staff information and select your 2020 conferences

We no longer send out staff packets for you to complete and mail back to us.  Click the button at the right to complete your 2020 staff information.

As part of your staff information update, we need your physical signature on 2 documents.  Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download each form using the buttons to the right.
  2. Complete the form by typing the requested information into each form field.
  3. Save the form to your computer so that your data is not lost.
  4. Print your form and sign in your name in every signature space.
  5. Scan your form and save it back to your computer.
  6. Upload the form in the space for it in your RegPack form.  ***NOTE: If the space for uploads on RegPack contains your information from last year, remove last year's form and upload one for the current year!

If you cannot complete steps 5 & 6, you may mail your completed and signed forms to:

Tomorrow's America Foundation
P.O. Box 65
York, SC 29745