Our Staff

About Our Team

Our staff members have an average of 10 years experience working with conferences administered by Tomorrow’s America Foundation.  The majority of Staff members are educators.  Many hold advanced degrees in education and counseling and many are actively pursuing continuing education and training.  Most are involved with extracurricular activities that benefit the youth in their schools, churches, and communities.

Staff Credentials

All of our staff members are well-rounded and experienced in helping youth through many of the challenges facing them at this critical point in their lives. (The average age of our staff is 35.)


Staff Screening & Selection

Tomorrow’s America Foundation only hires staff who meet our high ideals for someone who will impact young people through our conferences.  They must:

  • have experience working with young people.
  • desire to be around young people for the purpose of positively influencing their lives.
  • display integrity and traditional values in their personal life.
  • practice the principles they will teach young people at each conference.
  • exude humor and enthusiasm.

Staff Hiring & Ongoing Evaluation Process

Before being considered for hire, potential staff must fill out an application and extensive questionnaire to determine their experience and core values, go through several interviews with Michael Broome, and pass a nation-wide criminal background check.

Each year, veteran staff members are evaluated by the director and delegates with whom they interact to determine their eligibility to return the following summer.  New background screenings are conducted each summer they desire to work.

Additionally, each staff member is provided a Guidelines and Policies Handbook which outlines expectations during the conference.  Each staff member signs an agreement that they have read and agree to follow the guidelines set forth in the handbook.

Interested in serving on our staff team?

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Staff Application

  1. First, read about our current staff (content on this page, above) to see if you would qualify for a position. We give preference to educators currently in the field (teachers, counselors, administrators).
  2. Complete the application. Instructions for submission are included on the form.
  3. If we determine that you would be a good match for one or more conferences, you will be contacted to continue the application process.