About Us

Tomorrow’s America Foundation administers the Broyhill Leadership Conferences, the Carolina’s Broyhill Youth Development Retreat, and a corporately sponsored conference.  Each conference is designed for a unique group of young people, but each one uses similar presentation methods and activities to teach our core principles.

The Broyhill Leadership Conference is the genesis of all our programs.  The presentations and activities we use are a compilation of ideas and past experiences of our Staff and of founder Michael Broome.  He was the Student Body President in middle school, high school, and college (where he designed his major through Independent Study in leadership.)   Michael has addressed over 3,500 audiences from the ranks of Fortune 500 Companies, professional organizations, and government.

"Teaching. Leading. Inspiring."


The generosity of the Broyhill Family Foundation allows us to keep this unique experience affordable! Their annual contribution reduces the cost of the conference by about $400 for each delegate. We want BLC to be available to any student interested in:

  • setting goals
  • becoming a team player
  • maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • communicating more effectively
  • cultivating positive relationships
  • and making sound ethical choices.
We have years of experience, curriculum and activities designed for young people, and an affordable price. All of this makes BLC a phenomenal opportunity!